[container_content title=”How to Install & Configure WP Boheme”]

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[container_two_third position=”last” title=””]Watch this video to see the how to Install & Configure WPBoheme. You’ll see for yourself that it’s as easy as we show you.

In this video there are 15 minutes of recording describing the most important steps in configuring our beautiful theme. If you need more help, we’ll always available to answer your questions.

For support write to us at crerem@gmail.com. You’ll have a reply from us shortly.[/container_two_third][/container_content]

[container_content title=”How to Use WP Boheme Shortcodes”]

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[container_two_third position=”last” title=””]This 27 minute video describes how to use and edit each for the 30+ shortcodes available in WP Boheme Editor menu.

We recorded each shortcode in the same order they’re listed in the editor. If the video doesn’t answer all your questions, please contact us by email.  [/container_two_third][/container_content]

[container_content title=”How to Change Colors & Background in WP Boheme”]

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[container_two_third position=”last” title=””]This is a short video describing how to control WPBoheme default  color themes and how to add your own colors. We also show you how to change the theme’s layout and add a custom background.

If you need more help, please feel free to contact us anytime. [/container_two_third][/container_content]

[container_content title=”How to Create Custom WP Boheme Posts & Pages”]

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[container_two_third position=”last” title=””]In this video you’ll see how easy it is to create and configure the custom WPBoheme pages and posts. You’ll learn how to set-up Contact, FAQ, Jobs, News, Products and Portfolio projects. You’ll also see how to create Pages that list Jobs, News, FAQs, Products, Portfolio and Blog Posts.

If you need more help to use these features, please contact us anytime.  Write to us at crerem@gmail.com [/container_two_third][/container_content]

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