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A gramophone record, commonly known as a phonograph record (in American English), vinyl record (in reference to vinyl, the material most commonly used after about 1950), or colloquially, a record, is an analog sound storage medium consisting of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.

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  • - Large touch sensitive platters for accurate control and scratching
  • - MIDI-over-USB controller is compatible with virtually all DJ software
  • - Includes Serato DJ Intro
With this controller, you would need to get an audio sound card. To be able to hear what your doing with headphones. Native Instruments the same company that makes the included Traktor program. Has a sound card called the Audio2Dj and Numark has the DjIo Sound card. There are other sound cards available also. The Mixtrack is premapped for use with all Traktor djing programs (Traktor Cue and Traktor Pro) and other approved djing software and hardware. Bottomline is this thing is made to perform and can hold it's own with the big boys. Numark has really outdone themselves with the Mixtrack, and with the success of the NS7, V7, and Mixdeck. Numark can go ahead and add this to the list of accomplishments.

- Jack Carter

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