Custom Widgets

All WPBOHEME custom widgets are exemplified on the right sidebar and described below:

1. WPBOHEME Search

Add the Search Widget on the sidebar to offer your readers an easy access tool to your archived posts.

2. WPBOHEME Social Links

With this widget all the important social accounts where you’re active can be shown on your website in a professionally designed widget. You can add information about the following URLs: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble, Google+, Linkedin, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, Yahoo, Deviantart, YouTube or Vimeo.

3. WPBOHEME Contact

WPBOHEME Contact widget allows you to share important information your readers need to know so they get in touch easily, such as: Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Skype ID and Web Page URL.

4. WPBOHEME Facebook Box

With WPBOHEME it’s extremely easy to add to sidebar the Facebook widget that shows fans, stream and the Facebook header of your page, without having to look for any other detail elsewhere. You add your Facebook URL in the widget, click save and it’s done!

5. WPBOHEME Flick Widget

With WPBOHEME Flick Widget all those beautiful images you’ve been sharing on Flickr can be shown on your website as well. You choose the number of images you’d like your readers to see on the sidebar from the widget options.

6. WPBOHEME Latest Products

With this custom widget your latest products can be shared on the sidebar as well. People will see the featured product images in a beautiful frame. The number of products shown is chosen by you in the widget options.

7. WPBOHEME Latest Projects

WPBOHEME has a special widget to showcase your latest projects on the sidebar and you choose the number of projects shown. The theme displays them as thumbnails of the featured images you’ve selected for each project.

8. WPBOHEME Sidebar Tabs

WPBOHEME Sidebar Tabs widget gives you the opportunity to show your readers the latest posts, the most popular posts and the latest comments in a beautifully designed layout. You control the number of comments and posts to show. You can also customize this widget to show only one, two or all of the three options available.

9. WPBOHEME Twitter Widget

Letting  your readers know what you’ve been doing on Twitter is very important, especially when they can be turned into new followers and, why not, also future clients. This widget is easy to use and extremely helpful at the same time.

10. Custom Footer With Widgets

WPBOHEME lets you design the footer on your own and offers you all the widgets you need to be as creative as you want to. Go to the Widgets menu in Admin Panel and add by drag and drop the widgets you desire to each of the 4 Footer Widget menus listed on the right by default (“First Footer Widget Area”,”Second Footer Widget Area”,”Third Footer Widget Area” and “Fourth Footer Widget Area”.).

11. Tag Cloud Widget

This widget displays all the tags you assign to blog posts. The colors for this widget are the same as the main menu’s.

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