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I specialize in WordPress and have strong skills in HTML, CSS, SEO, and project management. As the online world is ever changing, I'd love to help you keep up with the latest technology and design trends.

Beautiful Sliders

date March 5, 2013
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WP Boheme features four beautiful sliders integrated in the theme so that your content stands out.

Intuitive Admin Panel

date March 4, 2013
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WP Boheme has an intuitive custom Admin Panel with all the options you need to convert the theme to your own desired niche easily and quickly. You can customize the theme branding by adding your […]

Fully Responsive Theme

date March 4, 2013
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WP Boheme is a fully responsive WordPress theme. To test this feature, re size the browser window. You can try it also on iPhones, iPads, tablets, smartphones or personal computers. The Revolution Slides, FlexSlider and […]

Unlimited Color Options

date March 1, 2013
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With WP Boheme you have full control over the theme’s colors, all changeable from the Admin Panel with the help of a Color Picker tool. By default you receive 10 different color schemes to suit your business […]

Sidebar On The Right

date January 21, 2013
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